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Why Hair Replacement ?

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Everybody who loses hair can’t go clean shaven bald!

It’s just not part of the design you have for your self!

Masculinity in the modern day and the the acceptance of the stigmatized ‘hair wig’ also known as hair system, toupee, hair patch even sometimes referred to as a topper, is a never ending love & hate relationship! For one, I  feel men are more victimized  for needing to find that sweet spot of internal validation, to actually look and feel good, on your own terms!

Yes,  you can live and dress and wear whatever your heart desires but is a ‘community check’ going to stop you from living the best life?? If the answer is “yes”, then it’s time to reassess your mental boundaries.

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Why would wearing fake lashes and nails extensions for women, is considered accepted without much judgement but when a man decides he wants to look good, then all the cardboard warriors come along to sing their woes to the pity party of wounded masculinity! In fact this sounds a bit like wounded femininity within the males and females.

For one, it’s your own life and you are the creator of your own reality!

So why are you wasting the days away hiding behind the judgement passed by someone else, for hair pieces for men. Toupees, Hair systems have been shied away by the general population (purely based on conceived stigma, which is a non tangible element, to begin with) as a whole but hair systems have been an integral part of the film industry, where many celebrities world wide use to keep up with their appearances. The lay man assumes these magnificent celebrities have found the fountain of youth and further dig in to the rabbit hole of self sabotage, thinking, “Maybe, It’s just not for me” and blame it on bad genes!

“It’s not about the bad genes (good or bad is perspective)  and it should be can I make this work without feeling subjected to the norms of what society or my closest circles dictates I should be like??

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Heavy hitting points to think on.

The road forks for sure. Either you settle to shave or not and accept the flow of the receding hair line?  or flow along with the hair loss with a hair system?

Basically, In my opinion, zoom out of all of this! Nothing really matter anyways! So might as well live it the way you deem makes you happy or make society happy!

It’s a decision, only you can make!

Let’s face it! While shaving the entire scalp seems almost liberating sometimes, our expectation to look and feel good about our appearance, overrides it! Sometime we believe our head shape looks a certain way and feel insecure about going clean shaven bald head!

It’s ok to feel however your mind wants you to perceive  and flip through the idea of getting or not getting in to hair systems is actually a good idea or not!!!!

It’s your decision and all about how you would want to expand on creating your version of reality!

Do you want to look and feel good? Its a personal perspective! Seeking approval from community for your need for feeling good is not a good starting point! So it’s best to leave collective judgments out the door and step in to the new year with new perspective to uplift you rather than depress you!

It’s all a decision! One decision! Ask your self this…

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“Do I need to look good? Is having a decent density and a full head of hair, a far fetched dream?”

It becomes a battle with am I going to leave to top part of my hair receded and not shave it?

Or accept this and just move on!

Fix it or not!

Choose your creation!

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