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Hair system Vs. Traditional Wig

“What’s the big deal?, it’s just a fancied up version of a regular wig!”


photo image of hair loss man with options , confused AF

One too many a times I have personally come across this statement!

Have you come across this opinion??

Many have come across this counter productive statement about hair systems. I believe that if you haven’t tried the experience of what a hair system is like and feels like as compared with a traditional wig, you are really missing out on a balanced view to productively assess the comparison.

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The Comparison

Traditional wigs may use natural hair or synthetic hair. However the base materials and the structure of the hair wig is much different than a hair system. While wigs are mainly incorporating a method of weaving, they also use thicker base types.

Most often for a male looking for a solution for hair loss, this option may end up looking as a bad hair day on Groundhog Day, on repeat!

An Anonymous Wise Old Man

However the positives I see when choosing a hair system is the ability to feel like it’s your own hair!

The softer yet durable materials that promote comfort and breathability for the skin makes hair systems or toupees a great choice.

To have a hair system or not to invest in one, is a choice! Make the choice for you!

It’s always a choice to abandon the lack or victimized mindset of “I am going bald” !


The Take Away!

Baldness happens! If it’s happening right now, as you read this article, hair loss is going to happen! No matter how hard you may try, no matter how many counter productive therapies and treatments that may come up for promoting hair growth, the slow burn fall back of your receding hair line over a period of time is inevitable! 

Image showing confident choice

So, while you sit and contemplate about, why a traditional wig may or may not be the best option, why not try a hair system and see how the transformation can happen!

Have you assumed for yourself? The law of assumption is at play! If you assume that hair systems are either good or bad, then that perception itself will keep coming back to you and fill your bucket with many self conceived ideas of lot of “he said” , “she said” attitudes, that people impose on to you! Then this itself keeps building up fake scenarios that you your self may not know about why either one may be good or bad!

The best decision is an informed decision. Before you decide which avenue you would like to take when choosing a solution for hair loss, talk to a professional!

Until you experience, see, touch, feel what a hair system is like as compared to a wig, you will never know!

Wise Old Man

The technology used for manufacturing a hair system or hair replacement unit, has improved dramatically in the last few years, the customization of the base type according to the requirements of the client is just one good example of the versatility of a hair system!

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