Why Hair Systems?

To Be Bald or Not To Be!

Everybody who loses hair can’t go clean shaven bald! It’s just not part of the design you have for yourself ! Before you read any further ask yourself this question. "What is it that I need from a Hair System?" It's what you desire in your reality, Decide! everything else will align!

Artisan Hair Systems!

Stylists that Care!

No one is going to call you out on a bad hair day! Especially if the bad hair day relates to a Hair System! The secrecy of the bad hair day on the eyes of the beholder, is not a good criteria for your own good! Get the tips and tricks from the guru's and create that clean groomed look with ease!

Integrate Your Grooming Skills

Guidance & Expertise!

So many options to choose from! Feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of options available? Talk to us and feel what it means to walk the walk and talk the talk, when it comes to everything Hair systems! Your search to find the guru in HairSystems, ends here!

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My name is Dee

welcome to NMB Hair. Going bald or having thinning hair is never easy and it takes somewhat of an adjustment. We understand this and our team of experts are here to help you on deciding on the best hair replacement solution, that can send one from being Bald to Bold!

If you are not sure about what hair systems can do for you or what the outcome may be or even on aftercare and maintennance, then please take the next 30 seconds to watch the video to get more infomation.


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We understand that hair loss can be a stressor alone but finding the right solution, can be a daunting task! Especially if you are new to the hair systems as a solution for hair loss! We know how confusing it can get when choosing a hair system ! If you make it past the barrier of making a decision to take wear hair system or a hair piece, as a solution for your hairloss, there is also an element of styling and selection of options that contribute towards the hair system user’s lifestyle and comfort. That’s why our trained stylists are here to help guide you towards the best solution that would compliment your needs and current lifestyle! 

We offer both online and in-person consultations and operate only on appointments. We understand that this is a very sensitive subject to many. We value the privacy of our clients, so would want to emphasize on the fact that our in-person consultations are held at our studio and we ensure that no other clients will be in the studio space. It’s one on one! One of our experts will have a brief discussion with you and help alleviate your doubts and aim towards helping you make an informed decision about investing on a hair piece or hair system.

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Now , you have had your in-person consultation or online consultation, with our Hair Tech Experts. You have equipped your self with the infomation needed to make an infomed decison, on the purchase of your new hair system. You can place the order, recommemded to you.


Hair Cut & Style

Next is the Hair Cut. The hair system has to cut and styled as per the consultation with our Hair Tech. You can make an appointmemt for a hair cut in one of our branches. If that is not possible, we can ship it to you. On request we may be able to trim the hair system, for ease of placement.




It's show time and after care is very important. By now, you would have received all the information you need for after care.

You may choose to visit one of location for the periodical maintennance of the hair system or may choose to take it on your own. 

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Thilak De Silva


Thilak, Aged 26, Ordered online and got the hair system delivered to his home. During the consultation, ourHair Experts had already talked Thilak through hair system placement process. He made an appointment with our service location in Sri Lanka and vsited that branch to get the hair system trimmed by the trained hair tech's at that location. He had a great hair cut trimmed and style for his taste. Thilak continues to come for the hair system maintenance services at the location in Sri Lanka.


AJ Sparks


AJ aged ,  Aged 35, is from Seattle, USA. He is not from Vancouver, Canada. So, he had an online consultation with us. AJ has been finding it very difficult to find a hair system that matches his Afro curl. After many failed attempts at hair systems, wigs, and hair accessories, he started trusting reviews more. Finally came accross our reviews and was impressed. He ordered as per the recommended by the Hair Tech during the online consulation. Afer he recived the order, he came to visit us in out studio in New Westminster, to get the hair cut by our trained Stylists. He travelled from Seattle to New westminster location to get the hair cut.

Eric Watson

Web Developer

Eric,  Aged 65, had a consultation with us, in person. During the consulation, he shared with our Hair Experts, his journey through hair loss. He had tried trearments and have done long term treatment plans, in hopes of great hair, but to no avail.  After the personalized consultation he decided to give Hair Systems a try! Never looked back! Eric continues to come in for periodical maintences with us.

if you are Experienced !
if you know ' What to order

If you are an experienced hair system user, you probably know exactly what type of hair system you would want to have for your self. Here we have a wide selection of hair systems that cater to the seasoned hair system wearer. All you got to do is check out our handpicked selection of hair systems available and order with us!

100% Natural Remy Hair

Quality Hair Systems!

Handpicked hair systems from our hair system suppliers from around the world. We specialize in high quality 100% natural remy hair systems.

Our hair systems are available in many colours and textures and even hair system base designs. Check these trending products out.

hair systems



Looking Good is a choice! It's a feeling! It's an embodiment!

Hair Systems are not going to fill up an empty void within you!

It is going to illuminate what you desire the most when it come to having great hair! It's One Life!

Live Free from any shade from others! It's Choice! You Decide!

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You are unique! You deserve the best!

We don't just "Believe" but we "know" we can deliver great results for your search for the best user friendly hair system. That is what sets us apart from the rest!!

It's your time to align with your new
Hair System !

We know exactly what options are suited for each and every client! With hair systems we can completely change your entire appearance from the outside and give you a new lease in life. Our team of talented stylists with expertize over decades, is packed with the added touch of excellent client care and after care services. Whether you are a new user or a seasoned hair system user, you have come to the right place! Also there are no coincidences in life! If this resonates with you, then stop creating the resistance and clear your doubts about choosing us over the competition!

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