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The No.1 Reason Hair Systems Look Fake?

Many people are under the impression that if you loose your natural given hair, then that’s the end of the road for the existence for hair on the head!

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that! This is why a hair system would compliment your look and give you the boost you need but is it really that easy? Can wearing a hair piece be that easy. Many say it looks fake! Most men looking in to hair pieces look for the discrete nature of the hair patch. While wearing a hairpiece should only be an accessory for your satisfaction and not for the satisfaction of others. Trust me, people forget what you looked like before you lost hair. Give it two weeks, tops!

Hair systems also referred to as a hair piece or hair patch or hair replacement unit. The hair system should be made to fit your requirement. If the hair piece is not made in specification to your hair type, scalp shape, hair length, texture and most importantly, density, the overall impact of the intended purpose is defied!

For example the reason why you are looking into the concept of hair systems is because you are losing hair and a probable receding hair line. Therefore, you are looking in to probable solutions. So Let’s dive in to the rabbit hole of hair systems and check out if wearing one makes the whole purpose obvious!

Is the Hair System going to look fake, once I wear it?

“One day I was stopped at an intersection and a mid aged gentleman walked
across the crosswalk which I was stopped at. My first glance was, something is
not right, and there I saw it, the density and the colour mismatch was so very
obvious from the back of the head. I seriously questioned, my self if a hair patch
would actually be a good fit for my male pattern baldness!”

The No.1 reason why a hair system would look fake, would be

The No.1 reason why a hair system would look fake, would be if the hair system was not being maintained properly.

While there are many reasons that make a hair system not look good, this is a sure way even the best cut, best matched hair piece would look terribly fake. No matter how much you invest on the top tier hair system, for your self, if your maintenance is not at par will make the hair piece look ‘funky’, that too not in a good way! When the user does not do the periodical maintenance needed to maintain the texture and the lustre of the hair, it shows on the overall appearance of the hair system, itself.

The hair system has been on, affixed on to the scalp of the hair system user. Which means that the sweat that is perspired underneath the hair patch and the dust and oil collection under the hair system base, becomes a hot tropical mess, after three weeks. In older males or people with less perspiration that hair systems stay on for around 4 weeks. Beyond the third week , especially in warmer climates the glue literally breaks down and starts to bind with your natural hair at the blending point.

When this happens, then its very visible to others but isn’t visible to you. You are wearing the hair piece and the back of the hair is most often ignored, especially to get a good look if the glue has settled in the the natural hair. The glue binds the hair together and gives an appearance of gluey, oily hair. When the hair system reaches this stage, it will also start to give an odour as well. If you don’t take the initiative to take care of the hair system, the hair system won’t take care of itself. The hair system care and maintenance needs to be done on proper intervals. If not the hair will just not look right. This doesn’t mean you have to go to a hair replacement professional (although it’s recommended) but do keep up with maintenance.

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