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  • Head Office – New Westminster. BC, Canada
  • Unit 109, 661, Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada , V3M 1A8
  • Phone: +1 778 869 9947
  • Phone: +1 778 238 0555
  • Chilliwack Branch –  BC, Canada
  • 46814, Sylvan Drive, Chilliwack V2R 4EN,
  • Phone: +1 778 238 0555
  • Phone: +1 778 869 9947



How to Consult

When you are ready to get hands on with the world of hair systems, it can get overwhelming. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the client has a consultation, either in person or in online. When you know you are ready for the next step, please follow the booking links for your preferred location and click the "Book Now" button.

What are the locations

We have two physical service locations. One in New Westminster, British Columbia in Canada and the other location located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Direct order without visit

If you are a hair system user, that has been wearing hair systems for some time and have a precise idea about what type of a hair system it is that you need, then this option may be a neat choice for you. Especially if you are aware of the exact colour and density and especially blends of grey percentages of the hair system, then this option will help you with your ordering process. This method bypasses the consultation process and visiting us in person or via online.

However, if you are able to visit one of our service locations, we do offer services to trim in the hair system after placement.

Online consultation

If you are not able to visit one of our physical locations, but still would like to get our expert opinion on our hair systems and aftercare and plans and pricing, then this option is available for you.

This consultation process would be beneficial, for you to decide accurately what type of hair system would be most effective to suit your life style. Due to widely available types and varieties of hair systems, finding one that suits your balding pattern, will help you in the long run. If you're feeling like you're ready for the next stage of your life, book with us now!

Shipping time

If you have decided to order online, then the shipping information will be important for you.

WE FOLLOW 5 STEPS PROCESS BEFORE DISPATCH FOR SHIPPING FIRST STEP - EXPERT REVIEW Our experts will review and confirm all the requirements are according to order. If your order is not completed or missing information or incorrect, Our experts will contact you and clarify before placing the order with our factories. SECOND STEP - BOOK YOUR ORDER If everything pertaining to the order is all good and the hair tech expert has reviewed that order requirements are all met, then the order will be booked with our factory. THIRD STEP - REVIEW AND THE QUALITY CHECK If all order fulfillment looks good and the hair tech expert has already reviewed all order details are correct. In this third step we mainly concern about the hair quality and the stock hair systems age after manufacturing (shelf life). We always sell the best to our clients. If stocks are ready and pass the shelf life within 2-3 weeks 21 days after the production, the order will move in to forth step. If the stocks are made more than one month ago we will list the order for urgent fresh production. FORTH STEP - FINAL QUALITY CHECK At this step our hair techs will check the order accordance with second step, in this we re confirm the base model, base, size, hair color, density, length, texture before dispatch for packaging. Stock hair systems are shipped within 7 days from the date of order placed. If the order needs a hair system for a fresh production this may take up to 5 weeks to 8 weeks FIFTH STEP - DISPATCH FOR FREE SHIPPING Dispatch from the factory to the Express International courier service. We offer Worldwide FREE Shipping up tp 500 grams free of charge except for liquids