Hair Replacement Agreement

    Hair Replacement Agreement

    This Hair Replacement Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into as of [Agreement date], between [Client name] (the "Client") and “No More Bald Skin and Hair Studio” (the "Company"), located at 109, 661 Columbia Street, New Westminster, V3M 1A8, BC, Canada.

    Client name:
    Contact number:
    Date of the agreement:


    The Client acknowledges that a consultation was conducted with the Company to discuss the hair replacement needs and preferences.


    The Hair System / Hair Systems ordered are based on the advice given during the consultation; the client has been advised and informed in detail about Hair Texture, Method, Color, Base Size, and Hair System method.

    The design, Color, Size, Hair type, and method of the Hair System / Hair Systems ordered cannot be changed after the signing of this agreement without the written consent of the Company.

    The Company will make the best efforts to ensure that the Hair System / Hair Systems will be ready for the Client within 10-15 weeks from the date of receiving the deposit.


    The total cost of the Hair System / Hair Systems and other services fees is detailed in Schedule (I). After acquiring the hair system and once it's applied, additional services will be available to maintain the hair system. These services may include maintenance, haircuts, and more. Please note that the prices for these services may be revised, and fees are subject to change in the future. The Client will be informed of any such changes.

    The Client agrees to make the following payments:

    A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit upon signing this Agreement.
    The balance of the payment must be paid on or before the hair that the hair system is placed on the client, subject to SECTION (K).

    All payments made towards the order of the Hair System / Hair Systems will be NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.


    The Hair System or Hair Systems do not come with any guarantees, primarily because the base and materials used are inherently fragile. To preserve the integrity of the hair, it is essential to provide proper care and maintenance.


    The Client acknowledges and agrees that to promote the long-lasting quality of the Hair System or Hair Systems, they must exercise due diligence in care and maintenance. Neglect, improper maintenance, harsh combing, tangling, failure to use recommended products, and not adhering to advised hair conditioning procedures may result in hair breakage or the failure of the Hair System or Hair Systems.

    Daily brushing and proper maintenance are essential for the Hair System / Hair Systems. Servicing and maintenance visits should be scheduled between Two (2) to Three (3) weeks to prevent deterioration of the base.

    The Client agrees that failing to schedule a service within 2-3 weeks from the last service date may incur an additional fee, subject to inspection. Furthermore, it is understood that postponing services beyond this timeframe may result in potential damage to the hair system, increased hair loss, tangling, and knotting.


    The Hair System / Hair Systems are attached with either glue or tape, and the strength of the hold of the adhesive varies from person to person. The duration of the adhesive hold cannot be guaranteed, as individual scalps react differently.

    A new Hair System / Hair System may require additional maintenance sessions for the adhesion to perform more effectively.

    The hold of the adhesive depends on the user's lifestyle and may be affected by sweat, leading to reduced effectiveness.

    The hairline of the Hair System / Hair Systems may become dirty over time, but this is purely harmless and will be addressed during every service.

    If the Hair System / Hair Systems tend to lift or come off the scalp, the Client can re-apply glue and fix it back on.


    Loss of hair at the frontal hairline of the Hair System / Hair Systems may occur faster due to its delicate and intricate nature, mimicking the natural appearance of the hairline.

    Hair loss can happen throughout the lifespan of the Hair System / Hair Systems due to various factors, and these hair loss issues cannot be repaired.

    Curly hair systems may tend to lose their curl over time, resulting in a more stretched-out wave and straighter appearance.

    Certain base types may experience faster hair loss at the frontal area, but this can be mitigated by proper care, maintenance, and having two hair systems for alternation.


    The Client acknowledges and agrees to pay amounts in full, as outlined in Schedule (I).

    SCHEDULE (I) OTHER FEES AND CHARGES - (Please refer the estimate)

    Number Hair System / Hair Systems -

    8) Cost of Hair System / Hair Systems -

    9) Advance payment -

    10) Balance due -

    Special Notes -


    I, the undersigned client, hereby grant permission to "No More Bald Skin and Hair Studio" to use my before and after photos and videos for advertising and promotional purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, the use on the company's website, social media platforms, printed materials, and other promotional channels. I understand and agree that my face and any identifiable features will be securely concealed or blurred in all materials where my images or videos are used.
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    I, hereby affirm and declare that by submitting this online form, I willingly and knowingly accept and agree to all the clauses outlined in the Hair Replacement Agreement. I confirm that I have carefully read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions presented in the agreement.

    I acknowledge that I have requested to initiate the ordering process for the Hair System / Hair Systems as per my preferences and requirements. I understand that the Company will proceed with the order based on the specifications provided by me.

    Furthermore, I acknowledge that I will be responsible for paying the balance payment as agreed upon, but only if I am satisfied with the appearance of the Hair System / Hair Systems after the haircut and placement process. I recognize that my satisfaction with the final result is a condition for making the balance payment on the Hair Replacement day.

    By submitting this online form, I confirm my full acceptance and agreement with the terms set forth in this agreement and express my commitment to abide by its provisions.